There Is An Alternative To The Barracuda Run That You Need To Know About


Typical Thursday night scenario: you’re out with mates, you start with a few beverages and then some more and more. The following morning, it’s not the hangover that kills you. The SMS from your bank does. A night out with alcohol doesn’t come cheap.

What do you do next? Head off to another emirate for the ‘run’

If you can’t BYOB to the restaurant or club, having it at home (for a fraction of the price) before you head out is always a good idea.

This time we suggest you change your route…

If buying bottles for the weekend (or week – if you need one to manage stress) is on your agenda, the place you should be heading to is…

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The Cellars in Fujairah

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1. It has the lowest beverage prices in the UAE

Isn’t that reason enough to make this your go-to store? Hell yeah!! *zoom*


2. It’s around an hour away from Dubai 

Don’t complain! It’s not a big deal. It’s your average time from the Downtown to Marina on a weekday morning. And if you can manage 60 minutes in your vehicle to work, this is a very valid reason, isn’t it? *wink*

3. It’s not a waste of a trip

You bring back all the beverages you want and while you’re there you can spend the day at Tennis & Country Club Fujairah. The store is a part of the club that also houses a pool, gym and Mcgettigan’s so you can eat, play and perhaps even work(out). 

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4. There are fewer things in life more satisfying than a good deal 

And this place has loads of them! Offers change every month, but we’re talking stuff like:

  • Buy two bottles of grape, get one free
  • Discounted prices on cases of hops and spirits
  • Plus deals where you spend a certain amount and get a beverage bottle free

(It’s absolutely normal to do the happy dance.)

5. The stuff is genuine

That’s something they guarantee, so be assured you won’t feel like you ran into a brick wall after consuming any of their beverages. In fact, they have the biggest range in hops, grapes and spirits.

More about The Cellars:

The Cellars is one of the largest alcohol stores in the UAE, stocking some of the world’s most popular brands. In Fujairah, they are much more than just a store though; they’re a destination where you can take the family and enjoy the whole day out!

The Cellars is open seven days a week from 9am to midnight. For more information call 09 222 0665 or visit the website.


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