EXCLUSIVE: 3 Must Try Experiences At This World Famous Immersive Art Exhibit Opening In Dubai Mall

Anika Eliz Baby

USA, Korea, China…they’ve conquered it all with their beauty.

And now, the world-class Korean digital design company d’strict is bringing their signature immersive digital art venue to Dubai. 

Lovin Dubai had an exclusive chance to check out the upcoming ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI at Dubai Mall, and we can confirm that this is a must-try experience that engages all your senses to relax, mesmerise, and fascinate

If you need a gram-worthy break from shopping, on the scout for a new experience or just an art lover…ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI is for you!

The ‘Eternal Nature’ exhibition is a chance for you to experience the beauty of nature right in the comfort of your fave shopping destination

Each of their 14 zones promises to stun in its own unique way and the experience is definitely one to add to your Dubai bucket list!

As you make your journey through their galleries, at one moment you find yourself in front of a giant splashing tide, the next you are in a beautiful field filled with blooming camellia flowers, and then you are experiencing the intense power of an infinite waterfall. Each zone has its own theme, design, sensation, and most fascinatingly… smell!

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Lovin Recommended: 3 Must-try experiences at ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI

1. ARTE TEA BAR – Drinking a refreshing mocktail has never been more aesthetic! 

Once you’ve stepped in to enjoy all the different zones and snap some aesthetic pictures and videos, stop by the magnificent ARTE TEA BAR inside. This unique teahouse experience serves 3 delectable sweet, tea-based mocktails that you sip while seated at an interactive media art table.

A lovely flower forms in and around your cup, and cutely flutters away each time you bring it to your lips for a sip. Live your flower princess dreams!

2. LIVE CANVAS- to bring your craziest fantasy animals to life!

This one will make you realise that we are truly living in the future. Children (or adults- no judgment!) can sketch their own funky animals. Scan the drawing, and watch it come to life on the mesmerizing walls of ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI.

Follow it across the Safari zone and watch a multicoloured flamingo or a pink gazelle with black bows own the desert in style!

3. Witness the works of Van Gogh, Joseon, and Claude Monet come to life at the Garden 

This hall transforms every few minutes into a stunning masterpiece by one of the greats. They’ve also created a surreal Dubai experience- where you get to soak in the beautiful Dubai skyline in all it’s (digital art) beauty.

To top things off, ARTE MUSEUM will also take you on an immersive journey through Korean history, allowing you be to inside the painting yourself!

Their contemporary rendition of Sansuhwa, Pungsokhwa, Gungjunghuihwa, and Mongyoodowondo collaborates with masterpieces from the Joseon Dynasty, truly reflects the philosophy and spirit of the golden age of Korean traditional painting.

All the artsy deets:

Mark your calendars! ARTE MUSEUM is now open to the public!

Where? The Dubai Mall, 2nd Floor, opposite Galeries Lafayette

Price? starts at 109 AED for Early Bird and Twilight time slots (10 -11:30 am, 09:30 pm Last Admission)

Time? Open daily, 10 am – 11 pm (Mon-Thu), 10 am-12 am (Fri-Sun including holidays), open every day

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