The New World Needs New Angels And This New Flick Brings Back Charlie’s Angels In A Whole New Way


As much as we love binging on old chick flicks, let’s face it, our new world comes with way too many progressions- too big to ignore.

Girl power is at its peak and a new movie, out November 14, is all about that female empowerment and boss moves. Move over, because the latest reboot to Charlie’s Angels is one not to miss.

AND in case you were wondering why there was a mix of artists for the song ‘Don’t Call Me Angel‘ featuring Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey- your curiosity has now been answered. 

The Townsend Agency is back and has a better plan to save the world from mischiefs, by stationing a number of angels and Bosleys around the globe. Word to the wise: Charlie is now Bosley, get it? Boss lady?

The new world needs new angels

Thanks to a star-studded cast that truly represent the role of strong women who don’t need redefining, these new generation spy ladies have really taken things to whole other level. The new Charlie’s Angels is just as you’d expect, with an added flair of wit, humour and a closet full of shiny weapons.

The action movie, feel-good chick flick perfect for a group of girls to watch is hitting UAE cinemas on November 14!

The leading ladies: Kristen Stewart from the iconic Twilight saga, Naomi Scott (our recently-crowned Princess Jasmine) and the stunning Ella Balinska added their own twist to the Angels’ roles, bringing in the true nature of the millennial woman.


Meet Sabrina, Elena and Jane: The new angels we’re all about to idolise

Fall in love with new characters all over again.

Oh, and did we mention the cutie from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Noah Centineo, is making a cameo along with Sam Claflin from The Hunger Games. WOW!

Mark your calendars for November 14!

…and get ready for some inspiring boss lady moves.


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