8 Reasons Why You Need To Visit This Madinat Ladies Night ASAP


Unless you’re fresh off the boat, you’ll be well aware that ‘ladies night’ means free drinks for ladies at some of Dubai’s best night spots, lucky us right?!

So when the news broke of a new ladies night located at the brand new McGettigan’s at the Souk Madinat, our week got a whole lot more exciting. Why? Because a couple of free mid-week drinks at the stunning new venue is right up our alley. 

But just in case free booze at the Madinat doesn’t immediately float your boat (you’ve obviously lived in Dubai for far too long) we’ve added a couple of more reasons to help get you off the couch. Here are 8 reasons why this is one ladies night you won’t want to miss. 

*Ladies night starts at 8pm.

1. We love the location

The Souk Madinat, if you haven’t already been, looks like a mix of Venice (pretty canals included) and an old authentic Arabic market. The charming location coupled with the comfort of an old favourite Irish bar makes this spot our new favourite local.

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2. Every lady gets four free drinks

Four is just the right amount of drinks to ease you gently into the nicer side of the week while still ensuring you wake up on Wednesday headache free.

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3. It takes place on Tuesday, which is hump day…and we all deserve a drink on hump day

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4. There’s an entire special food menu made up for just us ladies

At ladies night prices too! Think of your favourite McGett’s classics, like tangy chicken wings or crispy calamari all for the grand total of AED 30, or there’s a sharing platter option which serves four (with plenty to spare) for AED 110.

7  Emma Stone Yummm

5. Bubbly is one of the drinks options

Unlike a lot of places that serve up a random pink concoction which tastes like the bathroom sink, the drinks options here are actually pretty good. Choose grape, hops, spirits, cocktails or, our particular favourite…Prosecco. 


6. You probably tell everyone how amazing ladies nights are, but rarely make the effort to go to one

Seriously get off the couch… YOLO and all that. 

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7. You won’t need to elbow your way to the bar

The absolute effort of going out during the weekend, when heels, extensions (nails, eyelashes AND hair) and a full face of smack are almost a requirement. At least on Tuesdays, the crowd is smaller, it’s more low-key and you won’t need to elbow your way to an over-crowded bar. 


8. There’s a weekly live acoustic music session

Forget trance and dance (we’re not in our teens anymore), this chilled acoustic set is exactly the type of music you want to hear during a little mid-week session….So go forth and enjoy, because no one remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep. 

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So, what are you waiting for? It starts 8pm sharp until midnight. 

Ladies get four complimentary drinks.

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