A Fintech-Related Free Keynote in Dubai Will Host A Movie And Give You Tech Gadgets


This is what’s incredible about living in Dubai, the events, there are so many to visit and enjoy.

AND here’s another to add to the list. There’s a free event at VOX Cinema, Mall of the Emirates where eager goers can listen in on a very useful presentation on FinTech. If you’re a spender, an earner or a little in-between then you’ll know the necessity to be aware of any and all financial-related subjects.

Devere Group, one of the world’s leading independent financial consultancies, invites YOU to attend this free event, where owner of multiple fin-tech businesses and personality of the year 2019, Nigel Green, will give a talk on FinTech and why it’s the future, hold a draw with incredible tech gifts and allow guests to view a complimentary, exclusive *new* movie at the end.

Mark your calendars down for November 20!

Get ready to take some notes, just a few days from today!

Turn your day into one filled with learning (one that could benefit you in the future!), and hey who doesn’t like a free movie + freebies?

Be there at 6.30pm and you won’t regret it.


Are you ready for the future of finance, with keynote speaker Nigel Green?

You’re probably reading this from a phone or a laptop- whatever the case may be, it’s pretty evident how ‘digitalised’ our era has become.

This digitisation has spread across all parts of our lives, including the workforce, the way we communicate and the way we make money. That’s when ‘financial technology’ or fin-tech comes in. Fintech is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with the traditional ways we deliver financial services. It’s new, and it’s set to take on the future, why?

You’ll learn from Mr Green himself- who’ll give a topic presentation on the subject.

Following the presentation, is a raffle draw with tech giveaways (think airpods and smart speakers) then a complimentary NEW movie.


All you have to do is register and enjoy!


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