This Is The ONLY Way You Can Watch The Friends Reunion In The UAE!


Could we BE any more excited? If this was YOU after seeing the Friends Reunion trailer…

Then HOLD UP, ‘cus we’re about to tell you exactly how you can watch the long-awaited reunion episode in Dubai!

Dubai Peeps are in TEARS over the Friends reunion trailer and you can watch it RIGHT NOW Thursday on the OSN streaming app – BOOM!

The world just seems like a better place with ALLLLL our favourite Friends back together!

Dubai peeps were in literal tears after the 2-min trailer of the highly anticipated FRIENDS REUNION special was announced. The six friends quickly fell back in stride as if they were never separated and it was SO GREAT to see Joey, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, and Monica back together again!

And the best news? You can watch the full show at the very same time as the global release. Simply download the OSN streaming app right here, start a free trial and it costs just AED35 a month from then on.

The six TV icons will answer the most burning question of all: Were Ross and Rachel on a break?!

Watch the trailer to see what Jennifer Aniston really thinks of their break…


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The important bits

The only way to watch it in the UAE is with OSN!

Download OSN streaming app to watch!

Get a 7-day free trial, just AED35 a month after the trial


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