This Hidden Gem On Sheikh Zayed Road Is Where You’re Having Dinner And Drinks Tonight


There are times you want restaurants with loud music and OTT decor and then there are times you want an intimate venue that’s a bit quiet.

If you’re after the latter, you’ve come to the right place.

Tucked away in a corner on the fourth floor of Crowne Plaza hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road is Oscar’s Vine Society.

Here’s what you can expect at Oscar’s:

1) A cave-like setting…

The decor includes low lighting, paintings on the wall, high top tables and a beautiful ceiling piece which has the labels of grape bottles clipped to the ends of each wire. 

Oscars Interiors 002
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2. A short and sweet menu

This one doesn’t run into several pages. The two pages have just the right amount of options you’d need at a venue of this sort. Some of the dishes include cold entrées like shrimp cocktail and lobster salad (served Caesar style). Hot dishes such as the classic onion soup and snails with garlic butter make an appearance too. The snails are gummy bearish with a garlicky kick.

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3. Standout steak 

For the mains you can have the open sandwiches loaded with toppings including smoked salmon, ham and avocado. But the speciality dishes do deserve your attention, especially the grilled ribeye – slightly firm yet juicy, it is extremely high on flavours. The meat is matched with a side of crispy potato wedges and cherry tomatoes. 

Img 1593

4. Their charcuterie boards are pretty special too

It boasts five different kinds of “meat” – each with a distinct flavour and definitely worth a taste to know how delish it can be.

If meat isn’t your thing, you can opt for the cheese board.

Oscars 033

5. Desserts to-die-for

The finale includes a chocolate fondant and creme brulee. While the first is thick dark chocolate oozing out of a semi-sweet dome served with ice cream, the latter is a bowl of creamy sweetness that’s topped with crystal-like bits of caramelised sugar. The sugar provides a crunch to the otherwise smooth dish.

Img 1604
Img 1601

6. Its grape game is on point 

Think 40 kinds offered by the glass and more than 100 by the bottle. With those many options in front of you, it’s absolutely acceptable to want to go on a tasting spree.

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7. Drum roll please…and the stars are Mojo

It is safe to say the evening wouldn’t be the same without this husband-wife duo. Their music is a mix of blues, ballads, soul and pop covers. The two things that are likely to happen after you hear them are: you’d want a voice as beautiful as Ana’s – soothing yet powerful – or you’d wish you could be a musician like Alex – his fingers work like magic on the guitar. Either way, these two deserve the spotlight.

This is what we were treated to…

And there’s more to look forward to in January:

Oscar’s will be hosting fondue nights as well as cheese and grape nights next month. We just gave you two more reasons to visit. You’re welcome.

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This is not the only noteworthy outlet…

The Sheikh Zayed Road hotel is a firm favourite amongst diners because it houses over ten restaurants offering different cuisines. There’s Al Fresco for Italian, Sakura for Japanese and Al Tannour for Middle Eastern cuisine among others.

To find out more about these restaurants call 04 3311111 or click here.


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