This Theme Park Has 13 Spooky Surprises For Your Halloween Thrills!

This Theme Park Has 13 Spooky Surprises For Your Halloween Thrills

BOO! Get ready for some wickedly good HALLOWEEN vibes… As Halloween creeps closer, brace yourself for hair-raising fun at Motiongate Dubai’s Fright Nights: Volume VI. Prepare for spine-tingling adventures that’ll plunge you into your darkest nightmares!

The Middle East’s largest Hollywood-inspired theme park is getting into the halloween spirit

Until November 12, 2023, the Middle East’s most massive Hollywood-inspired theme park has gone all-in on the Halloween fun with ‘Curse of the Taleweaver.’ Get ready for immersive horror thrills, spooky scare zones, monster meet-ups, hair-raising live shows, and even a ghostly parade. They’ve cooked up 13 Halloween-themed experiences for all you brave souls out there!

Curious about what spooky surprises are in store?

  1. Golden Curse: Brace yourself for the Golden Curse as you step into King Aurelius’s chambers. His touch turns everything to gold, and you’re in for a bone-chilling immersive experience in these gilded corridors. Just watch what you touch!
  2. The Twilight Mirror: In an eerie manor, silence rules the day. The walls whisper tales of dread – can you hear them? With an audio device, you’ll experience deafening silence screeching in your ears.
  3. The Forsaken Piper: Only the bravest souls dare venture into the medieval dungeons of the Forsaken Piper. The Pied Piper has twisted this prison into a realm of ruin, disease, and despair. Will you dare enter his nightmarish lair?
  4. Wraith’s Lament: Traverse an ancient passage guarded by eerie phantoms with keen hearing in this interactive experience. Ring the bells to disrupt the phantoms if you want to find your way out.
  5. Grim Tales: Dracula: Horror enthusiasts of all ages, beware! Horror spills from the pages into reality in the Taleweaver’s library. This immersive experience promises spine-tingling terror taking center stage.

No people, just wait.. it gets even scarier!

  1. Nightshade Street: Take a trip back to the 1950s, where the creepy laughter of once-innocent children, now transformed into ghoulish creatures, echoes as they delight in fear and screams.
  2. Freakshow: Step into the haunted tent where the century’s most incredible Freakshow unfolds, featuring manic laughter and spine-tingling entertainment.
  3. Haunted Graveyard: For those who crave the fright, venture into the decaying soil overseen by the crypt keeper, rousing restless spirits and plenty of screams with every step.

And guess what? There are awesome parades, exciting shows, and cool meet and greets too!

  1. The Taleweaver’s Nightmare Emporium: Get ready for a scary 20-minute live stage show at the Hollywood Theatre. You’ll step into the world of the Taleweaver, a masterful narrator who breathes life into childhood nightmares.
  2. Midnight Tales: Watch the mesmerizing street parade in Studio Central, led by the enigmatic Taleweaver. He summons terrifying creatures and weaves nightmares into reality.
  3. The Tale Weaver’s Short Stories: This captivating street show blurs the line between reality and imagination. Enjoy family-friendly short stories from the mastermind himself.
  4. Candy Goblin – Trick or Treat: Keep an eye out for the mischievous trickster roaming Studio Central Boulevard. He’s all about games, especially hide and seek, and he’s got a sweet tooth. Catch him, and you’ll be rewarded with tasty candies.
  5. The Boogeyman – Monster Meet & Greet: Spot the lurking monster on Studio Central Boulevard, but tread carefully because this creature has clever tricks that challenge even the bravest.

Families with little ones, no need to fret! Motiongate has got you covered for a spooktacular time…

At the Smurfs Village, the little ones can enjoy some Trick-or-Treat excitement, and they might even spot the park’s beloved characters decked out in Halloween-themed outfits. Plus, from Wednesdays to Sundays starting at 4 PM, Motiongate’s Dubai’s Fright Nights: Volume VI guarantees unforgettable memories, eerie encounters, and thrills that’ll leave you spooked like never before.

But wait, there’s more! Motiongate boasts 29 exhilarating rides, attractions, and incredible entertainment experiences, making it the ultimate destination for unforgettable memories and thrilling adventures. More deets here!

Oh, and a little secret… Admission to Fright Nights: Volume VI is included in your Motiongate Dubai entry ticket!

See you there!


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