7 Reasons Why You Need To Download This Food App ASAP


It’s 2016 (nearly 2017) and if you still ring restaurants to make reservations, we can’t be friends.

See there are two ways to go around this:

You can find the outlet’s phone number, ring them, stay online, spell your name out to the operator (at least three times if you’re called anything other than Mohammed or Sarah), hope they’ve got the details right and then wait for an SMS confirmation OR you can use the eat app.

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The wise go with the latter.

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First let’s tell you about app…

The Eat app is Dubai’s restaurant discovery and real-time reservations app, available on both iOS and Android.

How does it make life easy for you?

Think a booking done in just three clicks. Can’t get faster than that, can it?

And if you don’t own a smartphone (yet)

You’re still covered. The website makes things just as easy.

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Now to the next part, why are we making such a big deal about it?

We have seven reasons (and very valid ones) why this is hands down the best way to make reservations: 

1. Finding a restaurant on this is easy peasy

Besides getting the one you’re looking for, you can also browse so many others by cuisine type, price range, location and table availability. And it’s not an either or situation – the filters allow you to search using multiple combinations. Did we mention the map features allows you to check out stuff that’s super close to you?

2. It lists E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G you’d want to know 

No jokes! We’re talking menus, dress code, opening times and even image galleries. At least this way there are no (unpleasant) surprises when you get to the venue.

3. The reservation is made just the way you want it

Whether it’s choosing a specific date, time, number of guests or special requests.

Eatapp3 Main Restaurants Page Profile Reservation Creation

4. It has pretty cool features that complete the booking experience

Not sure what we mean by that? Think back to the times you made a reservation and then had to copy-paste the confirmation message to friends so everyone was on the same page. Here it’s a little different. The app has WhatsApp integration which means reservation details can be shared with friends effortlessly.

5. Hold your horses, there’s more…

Once you’ve made a booking, you can sort your Uber ride through the app as well. Once the restaurant booking is done, the relevant information gets populated in Uber’s app and voila…you get to the venue hassle-free. 

Psst…there’s an AED 80 off on the first ride if you use the code ‘EAT4UBER’.

Eatapp2 Map View Uber Confirmation Page

6. What are the chances of picking a not-so-great restaurant? Nil

The app also has TripAdvisor integration which allows you to check ratings and reviews. C’mon you know how helpful those things are when it comes to dining experiences. These guys have done the hard work for you. Thank them.

7. And just when you thought that’s a lot of good stuff happening on one app

They throw in exclusive deals – these include discounts (it can go up to 30%), free desserts, complimentary welcome beverages and lots more stuff. You got to see it here to believe it.

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And here’s a quick recap of everything we mentioned

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