10 Popular UAE Sites That Are Giving Away Huge Online Discounts


Stop everything: You can now get discounts across your favourite UAE sites!

So, if you’re looking for bargains on noon, Mumzworld, flydubai, amazon, OUNASS, Bath & Body Works, Emirates, adidas and SO MANY MORE, (there are hundreds of options!) just hop onto Razeem, where deals are divided up by e-commerce store.

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Here are 10 huge UAE sites where you can nab discounts right now


10. Noon

So much love for Noon! The Middle East’s homegrown online marketplace where you can nab everything from your favourite fashion, tech and electronics to beauty, home and baby products. If you’re thinking of splurging, make sure you check this Noon discount code before you hit the register.

9. Amazon UAE

This mega-e-commerce store needs ZERO introduction. Tech, homeware, fashion, beauty, groceries… GANG’s all here and not only is this a source of all your home delivery needs there are also deals available if you act fast.

8. adidas

Because splurging on cool training gear MIGHT make you actually want to train… right?! And adidas has got you with deals for days, so you can sprint, run, jog, or walk, in serious style.

7. Sprii

Mum’s in Dubai have a great love for this e-commerce site… for good reason! Featuring everything from home and lifestyle, to the essentials, the only thing better than the serious variety is the little-known fact that there are promo codes available to shop there.

6. Nisnass

All hail mighty Nisnass and it’s serious fash-credentials. Have a party? Nisnass. Have a work-think? Nisnass. Want to treat yo’self to something cute just ‘cus? Nisnass!

5. Splash

This is the go-to since you can remember. You’ve shopped with your mom there, bae shops there, and every time the pay-cheque comes through you’re running for this season’s latest trends and accessories.


4. Max

Maximum love for this fashion house ‘cus it’s a triple threat. Men’s, women’s and kids fashion all under one roof and it’s brilliant value too! #ideal

3. Mamas and Papas

This is the store you DREAM about splurging at for your kids or your friend’s kids. The fashion here is so cute, you’d nearly wear it yourself, plus it’s perfect to pick up gifts for the little ones.

2. Sephora

Oh lawwdddd, this shop has a hold on most ladies and no-one is the least bit upset about it. There’s something so great about those little black bags filled with the world’s greatest skincare, scents, makeup brands, hair products. UGH, this whole store is simply FAB.

1.Bath & Body Works

Helllloo number one! This is the store that’s filled with great gifts for friends, or, who are you kidding, the perfect little ‘pick me ups’ after a long hard day. It just SMELLS. SO. GOOD!


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