10 Practical Gifts For Your Christmas Stocking


Come festive season and you’re always wondering what sort of gifts you’re going to receive.

There are times you get stuff that’s so brilliant it sets the benchmark for gifts thereon, and then there are times you receive things that only deserve a space in the bin.

Between these two kinds of gifts lie our fave – the ones that are practical and actually add value to our lives. Here are 10 of them: 

1. The Shower Tower soap

When a souvenir meets a soap, we get this cute shea butter soapenir. 

Price: AED 95. Buy it here.

The Burj Khalifa Shower Tower

2. A pair of GEOX shoes

Who would complain about being on their feet all day long when you’ve got a cool pair to keep your company? Btw, it’s a collaboration with designer Patrick Cox.

Price: AED 690. Buy it at GEOX, MoE.

Screen Shot 2016 12 13 At 13 12 07

3. Foreo Luna face brush

Ditch the facial appointment and invest in a Luna brush instead. Its gentle exfoliation abilities will give you the festive glow.

Price: AED 950. Buy it at Harvey Nichols or Bloomingdale’s-Dubai. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 13 At 13 12 34

4. Simplehuman smart sensor mirror

You’re never going to walk out of the house looking like you’re celebrating Halloween. This brilliant tool’s best feature is its tru-lux light system which closely simulates natural sunlight’s full colour spectrum to show every detail.

Price: AED 980. Buy it at Tavola stores.

Simplehuman 20Cm Sensor Mirror Aed 980

5. Dubai Backgammon set

A fan of the game? Why not take it a step higher with a set that reflects the city you call home?

Price: AED 1,050. Buy it here.

Screen Shot 2016 12 13 At 13 11 03

6. Philip Stein Horizon bracelet

If the stress bug hasn’t attacked you yet, you’re one lucky person. But when it does, you’d like to have this accessory. Its Natural Frequency Technology helps to improve focus 
and cope with stress. Plus it looks fancy. 

Price: AED 1,205. Buy it at their boutique in Burj Al Arab.

Horizon Bracelet Steel Icon With Wraparound Strap Aed 1205

7. A Hario Buono kettle

Just what you need to boil and pour water precisely over ground coffee. This copper kettle will be a showstopper in any kitchen.

Price: AED 550. Buy it here.

Screen Shot 2016 12 13 At 13 14 33

8. Havaianas flip flops with a sparkly white Swarovski crystal

It might not be beach season but a pair from the special collection is always a good thing.

Price: AED 195. Buy it here.

Zz260266J 2

9. Canon D30 waterproof cameras

Besides being a compact, thin and lightweight camera that produces very good photos and video, did we mention it works in water depth of up to 82ft? And if you’re new to underwater photography, you’d be happy to know it is easy to use with its limited number of buttons and dials.

Price: AED 1,199. Buy it at most electronic stores across Dubai.

Power Shot D30 2

10. Electric pie maker

Festive season without pies would be criminal. Thankfully this star of a machine makes it possible and hassle-free. Use it for quiches and tarts too.

Price: AED 230. Buy it here.

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