This Coffee Truck Delivered Free Coffee And Snacks In Flood-Hit Dubai Areas

Starbucks Coffee Truck Article

Dubai faced heavy rains recently, leading to communities facing challenges ranging from flooded streets to accumulated sand build-up on the road. During this time, businesses came together to support the community and this business’s coffee truck stood out!

You read that right! A coffee truck and its dedicated team of Starbucks baristas and employees offered a helping hand to restore normalcy to affected neighbourhoods

Amidst the last storm’s aftermath, the Starbucks baristas and employees rallied together, their dedication unwavering in the face of challenges. In Al Barsha South, they were a force of change, clearing away mounds of sand that barricaded roads, restoring ease and safety to residents’ daily travels.

But their mission extended beyond just one community. With the coffee truck leading the charge, they moved to Al Jafiliya and Rashidiya, where parks lay buried under debris. With pure will and determination, Starbucks transformed these spaces into havens of beauty once more!

Their commitment knew no bounds, as they turned their attention to Maktoum and Nad Al Hamer communities, ensuring every inch was pristine and welcoming. From sweeping away litter to tackling sand buildup, their efforts highlighted the shared goal of making the lives of all who called these neighbourhoods home better.

Coffee Truck Starbucks

Other than clean-up activities, the team gave out free drinks and food to residents in flooded communities

Beyond clean-up activities, they also utilized their iconic coffee truck to reach communities in Mirdiff, Rashidiya, and Satwa. The team offered complimentary coffee and croissants to comfort those facing challenges.

They went above and beyond by distributing goodie bags containing coffee, water, and baby milk powder to communities around Barsha. In areas where buildings were without water and power, Starbucks’s supplies provided much-needed relief and support to residents.

In the days ahead, this business and their coffee truck is committed to helping communities in need

As the storm clouds disappear and neighbourhoods slowly build themselves back up, Starbucks remains steadfast in its support.

Coffee Truck Starbucks

The important details:

Starbucks baristas and employees have tirelessly worked to uplift affected communities. From clearing sand-clogged roads in Al Barsha South to revitalizing parks in Al Jafiliya and Rashidiya, their efforts have brought hope and normalcy. They made the most of their iconic coffee truck, they provided free coffee and snacks in flood-hit areas like Mirdiff, Rashidiya, and Satwa, while distributing essential goodie bags in Barsha.


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