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This Dubai app means you may never have to leave the house again

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There must have been at least one point this weekend when you thought: “WHY ISN’T THERE ANY FOOD IN THE HOUSE!” and then: “I can’t be bothered to leave the house but I’M STARVING” or “I’m too busy to go and do a shop”.

Sound familiar? We hear you…that was pretty much our whole weekend (and most week days too). Well, worry not, we might have a solution to your desperate food situation (we’re even offering you AED 25 off your first shop) …

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Step forward el Grocer…

It’s a grocery delivery app that means you never need step foot inside a supermarket again…which can only be a good thing, right?

Simply download the app, then start browsing the food available at a supermarket near you (they have pretty much every area in Dubai covered), pick your bits and then go to the checkout and pay. Your food will be with you in 60 minutes….all without making a single pain-filled phone call to the shop in question.

The best bit? You don’t pay an extra dirham in service charges or fees, and the food costs exactly the same as in the shop. 

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This video explains in detail…

So, you’re ready to get started, download the app here.

And to get you on your way, we’re offering you AED 25 off your first shop. Simply use the code ‘Lovin’ at checkout to redeem it.

What are you waiting for? Go and start your new stress-free life! 

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