Tokyo Vibes At Soho Garden Is A Slick New Addition To Dubai’s Party Restaurant Scene


When you think of Tokyo, you imagine an ultra-modern, neon-lit, crazy-busy capital and the brand new and aptly named Tokyo Vibes resto is literally this!

You’ll find it in the venue that took Dubai by storm, Soho Garden, the go-to for dance, electronic and commercial house nights and Tokyo Vibes is an epic addition to the sprawling nightlife venue.

In a nutshell: It’s a Japanese eatery and bar, with great eats, drinks and above all, brill vibes. Open Wednesday to Friday (Thursday is big here)… Here’s what you need to know:

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Ladies, this whole venue is your stomping ground on Wednesdays

Kick your night off at The Glasshouse by Soho at 8pm (it’s complimentary vino till 1am, which can only lead to good things, right?!) and then make your way to Tokyo Vibes where the party really kicks off.

Come prepared for a late one.

Talesoftokyo 1

Thursday’s ‘Tales from Tokyo’ is the main event: Come for dinner and party till late

‘Tales from Tokyo’ every Thursday is the night you need if you’re looking to finish the work week with a bang. Kick your night off with Japanese eats and drinks before DJs Jixo and Danz hit the decks and play ALL night.

The food here is seriously good; expect a variety of Japanese plates and if you’ve not had the pleasure to try Japanese cocktails yet, trust us on this, the drinks menu here is something special.


Come for dinner at ‘Tales from Tokyo’ and you’ll party till the wee hours

Xn4G5Hh Q 1

Dubai doesn’t have big dance festivals, but Code is the next best thing

This is your Friday night sorted for the summer.

Pre-session at Soho from 8pm till 11pm, (it’s happy hour which means discounts on selected drinks… thank us later) before moving on to Code, The Glasshouse by Soho or Tokyo Vibes depending on your vibe.

If you’re looking for a proper party…

(Code has a low-key entrance with an unreal rep for parties. The minimal house club feels like an underground hideout in Dubai whilst still bringing in big names every week. It IS festival season, and while Dubai doesn’t have Ultra or any huge dance festival, you’ve got nights like these to keep you on the straight and narrow).

Code 1

The important bits:

Tokyo Vibes summer opening hours: Wednesday – Friday from 8pm till late

More info here


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