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Ladies and gents, get ready for a beauty revelation! Boots Middle East has unveiled something that’s about to change the game when it comes to your skincare routine. If you’ve been on the hunt for a miracle potion for your skin, you’re in luck. No7 Future Renew™ is here to save the day.

So, what’s the buzz all about? It’s a beauty secret that’s been brewing for 15 years, in collaboration with the University of Manchester, and it’s finally hit the shelves in the UAE. The No7 Future Renew™ collection is not your average skincare lineup; it’s like your skin’s personal trainer, gym buddy, and cheerleader all rolled into one.

Here’s the lowdown:


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Peptides to the rescue:

The real superhero of this range is the “super peptide” blend that’s set to be a game-changer in the beauty world. Unlike retinoic acid that might make your skin throw a tantrum (read: redness and sensitivity), this super peptide is your skin’s BFF. It’s strong, yet gentle, making it a perfect fit for sensitive skin folks. Now, you can have your cake (well, skincare) and eat it too!

No7 Future Renew™ Repair Serum:

Let’s talk about the star of the show, the Repair Serum. In just four weeks, it works its magic, making fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dryness, and firmness issues disappear like they’re in a magic act. We’re talking 97% of women in the clinical study seeing the light at the end of the skincare tunnel.

This serum is so fabulous; it even has its patent applications pending. Imagine being that fabulous!

It’s never too early! No7 Future Renew™ can tackle age-related skin issues, starting as early as your mid-20s. The damage can begin under the skin’s surface, and this range swoops in like a superhero to save the day.

No7 Future Renew™ Repair SPF 40 Day Cream:

You’ve got to protect that beautiful face, right? Well, the Day Cream doesn’t just shield you from UV rays (with SPF40, no less), but it also reverses visible signs of skin damage. That means dryness and a loss of elasticity don’t stand a chance. It’s like a double-dip of skincare goodness.

Got pigmentation problems? No7 Future Renew™ can help with that, thanks to niacinamide and vitamin C, which reduce excess and uneven pigmentation in your skin. Plus, the SPF 40 in the day cream is like a guardian angel against sun damage.

Even in the desert, the sun can do a number on your skin. We recommend using a day cream with broad-spectrum SPF all year round (not just in summer). The No7 Future Renew™ day cream has your back, offering protection and skin tone evenness all year round.

No7 Future Renew™ Repair Night Cream:

Hello, beauty sleep! The Night Cream is like a lullaby for your skin. While you catch some zzz’s, it supports your skin’s natural self-repair process. Wake up with skin that feels as soft as a baby’s! And no, we’re not exaggerating. This magic potion makes your skin smoother and evens out tone and texture.

Say goodbye to dryness and lost elasticity – your skin will love you for this!

To get the low-down on how these products can help YOU, we put your top skin-related Qs to the expert Dr.Ellie

We frequently receive a question from our readers about tackling pigmentation issues. How can No7 Future Renew™ help combat pigmentation effectively?

The great news is our studies have shown that No7 Future Renew™ can help to even out the skin tone. The niacinamide and vitamin C antioxidant blend that are found across the range (and are at their highest level in the serum) primarily deliver these benefits, as they can help reduce excess and uneven pigmentation in the skin. The SPF 40 in the day cream can also help protect the skin from one of the key environmental drivers of uneven skin tone, UV in sunlight.

As we approach a change in seasons, especially in our region, do you have any tips for addressing sun protection and uneven skin tone concerns? How can No7 Future Renew™ assist in this regard?

I recommend using a day cream with broad spectrum SPF all year-round, not just in the summer months. That’s because UV is present and can damage the skin all year-round, including causing the skin tone to become more uneven in some people. The No7 Future Renew™ day cream contains broad spectrum SPF 40, so can help when we think about helping protect the skin from developing an uneven skin tone driven by sun exposure.

Highlighting the significance of skin hydration in wrinkle prevention and anti-ageing, how does No7 Future Renew™ support skin hydration and overall skin health?

Skin hydration is essential to having healthy and glowing skin but also plays an important role in smoothing out the skin surface and plumping out fine lines too. The No7 Future Renew products all contain hyaluronic acid which binds lots of water to help hydrate and plump out the skin from within, helping make lines less visible.

What makes this range so special? Imagine it as a spa day for your skin

It’s packed with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, a blend of vitamins, and the star of the show – the super peptide. This powerful mix evens out your skin tone, makes your skin feel firmer, and hydrates like nobody’s business.

The eye serum may not have a magic wand for dark circles, but it can reduce puffiness and tired eyes. Your eye area will look refreshed, and skin tone will become more even, so you can say goodbye to the zombie look.

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