Grab A Glass – These Virtual Tasting Sessions Are Zoom Gatherings Done Right!


Pre-COVID, I was lucky enough to attend Chivas Blend Sessions, where the storied brand arranges an evening in some of Dubai’s most vibrant restaurants. Fans of the famous drink can come together for a night of tasting (everything from cocktails to a curated Chivas range) and the Brand Ambassador hosts a convo centering on the drink.

Created for everyone, from newbies to those who are experts in Chivas, the brand just announced it’s flipping the night on its head to bring a Zoom taster session to the comfort of your home.

The Chivas Tasting Experience is going online – meaning you and your mates can all try this from home

Take a seat and get comfortable – a session awaits

The Chivas Virtual Tasting Experience brings you and your friends or colleagues together to learn more about the drink while enjoying a cocktail of the same.

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The Chivas expert Michael White leads the chat, and it’s a mix of history about the celebrated drink, the production process, and a tasting session. There’ll also be quickfire questions and a pinch of cocktail making, as he shows you how to perfect a classic.

This is a far cry from your usual nights in, and a big step up from a regular Zoom chat. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your mates (without leaving your home) – this is it!


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We’re about to take whisky tasting to a whole other virtual level. DM us to reserve your experience or visit the link in bio.

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How it works

  • Go to the website
  • RSVP to book your tasting session, alternatively, send a DM @successisablend
  • The Brand Ambassador will contact the host and organize the online session for you and your friends
  • A zoom link will be shared with each of you on the set date along with the list of requirements you will likely need for the session
  • Most importantly, you must have any Chivas Bottle at home (if you don’t have it at home try the new delivery service here: ) before the session

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