This Premiere Fresh Market Is Changing The Shopping Game For Dubai Residents


Grocery shopping can sometimes be overwhelming… how do you know which cut of meat to buy? Which fish is easy to prepare and cook? How do you make sure you choose ripe fruit and vegetables? Well, the Waterfront Market, Dubai’s premier food market has got you covered.

Introducing their new in-house advisor on all of your grocery shopping – Chef Christos!

Every Friday, Chef Christos is available to answer all your shopping questions, from what products are in season, what’s best to buy for a family festive dinner to how best prepare that perfect steak, or help you choose from the vast selection of fish and seafood on offer.

A guided tour with an expert chef? Umm, yes, please.

Get yourselves to Waterfront Market between 9am and 12pm and he will gladly take you on a guided tour of the freshest produce and happily give you those professional tips to make cooking at home even easier.


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In the meantime, here are some top tips for cooking the perfect grilled fish!

  • If you have chosen a non-fatty fish to grill such as tuna or salmon, don’t forget to constantly spread olive oil onto the fish
  • Do not put salt on the fish from the previous day, as it will make the fish dry
  • The less you turn the fish – the better!
  • Don’t be afraid to spoil some fish! If you don’t practice you will never learn how to cook it!
  • When buying your fish at Waterfront Market, chat to the seller as he will always give you some great cooking tips.

The important bits

When? Every Friday: 9 am to 12 pm

Where? Deira Corniche


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