This New Website Lets You Play The Perfect Host By Sorting Out Your Catering For You


Let’s face it, we all know that attending a party is fun, but hosting it can be real hard work. And it’s mostly to do with determining what to feed your guests and how much food should you really have on the dinner table. But that’s about to change and in a BIG way! Log on to

What is it?

It’s a multi-ordering platform for catering services in the UAE.

How does it work?

You need to select a city, and an area within the city for the search to show you a list of caterers that are apt for you. Simple isn’t it?


How does that help you?

Well, once you get the list of caterers, you can key in the date of your event (be it an office lunch, weekend party or wedding dinner) and the hour you intend to have the meal. This gets you a tailored list that meets your specifications. 


The coolest part…

A little notification (marked in red) on each listing gives you important information such as: the notice period the caterers require or whether they’re busy on the day. In addition to details of what the minimum spend or delivery charges (where applicable) are.


Just some of the outlets you will find listed here:

Right Bite

Moti Roti

Gold Box Roastery

SugarMoo Desserts

Jones The Grocer


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