This New Website Will Make It Easier For Everyone In Dubai To Shop That Little Bit Smarter


For everyone who lives in Dubai, home deliveries are part of daily life. You can get anything and everything delivered, from your dry cleaning, groceries and takeout to that all important chocolate bar you’ve been craving all evening. Some delivery services run smoothly, while others are in serious need of a shake up…

Decent grocery delivery service is an untapped market in Dubai, but Shop On Click are here to fill that void

We’ve tried the few options available currently, but overcharging, a poor website or slow delivery has been the end result. But now there’s a solution. The idea for Shop On Click is to have a selection of different supermarkets and high-demand products available, so YOU, the consumer can compare prices, pick the best and have the products delivered to your home, at a reasonable cost.

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They’re here to make sure you save money…

Ask the guys and this is what they’ll tell you: “Our dream is to challenge the Status Quo of online e-grocery delivery, and help people save money. Our mission is to empower households to take control and better manage their grocery budgets.”

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Because let’s face it, most of the (reliable and speedy) delivery companies are overcharging

Ever used one of the new food delivery services but then been hit with quite a hefty delivery fee? It might seem small that first time, but if you get delivery a lot (don’t we all), these extra costs really add up.

Comparing prices from different supermarkets will inevitably mean big savings

Supermarket prices vary drastically, but Shop On Click gives you the premium shopping experience and service WITHOUT the hefty price tag.

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It’s a new company so right now they are just partnered with Union Coop, but watch this space…

There’s definitely a gap in the market for these guys, and we predict big things. Shop On Click is also the only food delivery service in partnership with Union Coop, so if you want quality food from there right now, you’re in luck!

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