WIN: Lunch For You And Your Colleagues


There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. 

Whoever said that was so wrong! There is free lunch and Richy’s is giving it to you (well, not just you but five people in total). Just to highlight how big a deal it is…the lunch feeds 30 people. Richy’s has launched cool new catering bowls and what better way to prove they work well for large gatherings than letting you and your colleagues try them?  

We strongly suggest giving your co-workers a heads up that if there’s a time they should be nice to you…it’s now. Else they’re out of this epic lunch party. 

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If you’re thinking it’s a tiny little meal…

You’ve got it wrong! Think four massive salad party bowls (each one feeds eight people). Plus, they’ll be throwing in a few bottles from their newly launched juice range. Flavours include ‘Mean & Green’ – a refreshing mix of kale, apple and coconut water and the ‘Peachy Brew’ with peach, orange, carrot and Hibiscus tea. It’s the healthy stuff and it tastes yum!

Screen Shot 2016 11 12 At 19 18 30

How do you win this?

By filling in all the required details on this form. 

The winners

Five winners will be picked at random on 24 November 2016. Each wins a meal for 30 colleagues. The meals will be delivered to the winners between 27 November and 30 December. Terms and conditions apply. 


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