5 Reasons You Need To Order These Intense Mini-Burgers Today


Two months ago when The Smokin’9 opened in JLT, we were excited to pop in and do a review (any excuse for mini-burgers)! Little did we know that it would become a part of our office life and our first port of call for lunch ‘al-desco’. Not forgetting all those team meetings – burgers are brain food and don’t let anyone tell you different. Seeing as we always order in (we work too hard) we figured a visit was well-overdue. 

Here are 5 reasons you need to get down there if you haven’t already:

1. Hidden Gem

It’s easy to find food joints in Dubai that become part of your daily routine. You order the same lunch and dinner because it’s easy but sometimes you have to get on up out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you haven’t yet been, The Smokin’9 should be one of these. It’s brand new but still relatively unknown, hidden away at the back of Cluster U. It’s one of those places you feel like you were the first to discover and so get bragging rights over when everyone else starts to catch on (we all have that one friend).

Get there before you have to listen to a smug friend telling you they told you about it first. 

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2. Sharing is caring

The concept is all about sharing – that’s why the minis are minis. If you order as a group, the burgers arrive on the same tray and you all just jump in. Non-food-sharers, fear not! You obvs get to have your own burger (depending on how kind your group is) but you get the idea! What’s the pleasure of eating alone anyway? And if you can’t make it down, the mini burgers will hop on a bike and make their way over to you for every occasion – now that’s dedication.

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3. ‘Joey Doesn’t Share Food’

Continuing on the sharing concept, the actual venue is like the living room in ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’, couch and all! It’s got the relaxed, NYC apartment vibe down and we reckon that even Joey  would share (at least some) of his mini burgers with the gang if they visited The Smokin’9. The look and feel help you to wind down and the board games are a nice touch and add to the homely feel. They also make the dining experience fun which is really important. 

Friends Joey Doesnt Share Food

4. It’s all about the name

Another thing you’ll notice about The Smokin’9 is that it’s all about simplicity. Even the name sums up the experience. There are no gimmicks, because the focus is all on hearty, well-made food. There are 9 mini burgers on the menu, each with a ‘Smokin’ intense flavor. You can mix and match any of the 9, the world is your oyster (or burger in this case?) But hey, if you want to try all at one time, then go ahead – Just make sure you let us know how that goes down!

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5. All the reviews are 5 stars

Don’t just listen to us, check out the user reviews on Facebook. Literally, all of them are 5 stars.

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The details and that cute little box

The cheapest mini burger is 9 AED, the most expensive is 13 AED, so if you have three it will come to around 30 AED and sides are between 8 AED and 13 AED. It’s also worth noting that you can order by dialling 800 MINI (6464). O top of that, they come in a really cute box. 

Smokin’9 is open 7 days a week; 11:30am until Midnight. 

Find them in Cluster U, Seef Tower 2, JLT. 



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