5 Things To Do In Dubai Once This Weekend Rolls In


Dubai weekends are never short of anything but fun, with limitless options of places to go and things to do. The weekend’s about to roll in, and there are some pretty interesting things to experience.

If this week has been a long and stressful one for all you workin’ folks, prepare to unwind and mix things up with these 5 AWESOME activities:

Dancing into the weekend like..

5. Pampering session at Kozma & Kozma

If you’ve had a long tiring week then, it’s time to pamper yourself at one of the most popular salons in town. Kozma & Kozma has a team of passionate individuals who will look after you in the best way and provide excellent services.

Ever heard of a UNICORN manicure or a MERMAID manicure? They have it! It’s super magical and relaxing and guess what, you can enjoy a nice drink and munch on candies from their candy bar while getting pampered – it’s a win-win!

More info here. 


4. Destress at The Smash Room

Grab your friends or fam bam and head to the best place in town.

The Smash Room is the only place where you can smash your stress away by breaking plates, electronics and what not!

For AED99 per person, you can smash 10 glass items

OR go all out and for AED599 (3 people) break 45 glass items and 3 electronic items – sounds like a good deal right?

More info here.


3. Find your peace at and enjoy free classes at mind.fit launch

Cure fit is one of India’s leading platform here in Dubai that’s purely dedicated to healthcare.

They believe in taking care of your mental health and living a healthy life by focusing on three aspects of life that are eat.fit, mind.fit and cult.fit.

One focuses on eating right, the second focuses on mental health and third is channelling your strength through physical fitness.

You can enjoy five days of free classes from July 31 to August 3 at the mind.fit center on the first floor of Shurooq Community Centre, Mirdif.

More info here. 


2. Dine-in at Karma Kafe and avail an irresistible offer

To celebrate their 10 years, this Pan-Asian resto is giving you back whatever you spend in credit form. That’s right! 

You basically dine in with them and whatever your total bill is you’ll receive back in credit form which you can reuse later.

It offers international cuisines so rich in flavour you’ll keep coming back for more.

So be sure to check it out.

More info here. 


1. Swim with the sharks at the Lost Chambers Aquarium

It’s time to discover a whole new world by going underwater and exploring different fish species.

Get up close and personal with a variety of sharks and ray and have an experience of a lifetime.

It is open 24 hours a day so you can go whenever.

More info here.




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