A Baby Camel Eating Plastic In The Desert Highlights The Damage We’re Causing

Baby camel

Footage Of A Baby Camel Eating Plastic In The Desert Highlights The Damage We’re Causing

This is a hard watch.

Drone footage shows a baby camel almost eating a plastic bag in the desert before it gets distracted and moves on.

The footage was shared by Winston Cowie, a Marine Policy Manager at Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, who added a caption highlighting the devastating effects human behaviour is having on the environment.

“It’s just one plastic bag. Just one single use coffee cup. Just one bottle of water. Just one. Or maybe more. Maybe it’s the single use plates and utensils you used for dinner and decided to leave on the beach or in the desert rather than clean them up. After all, the desert or sea will cover it up. 🐪 Or not. …”

“A baby camel that is a couple of months old will eat it and get sick and die because of your carelessness’ – MIC DROP

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The footage inspires us to become change leaders to help change the way we treat the earth


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Cowie adds that the single-use plastic we leave behind stays in the ecosystem for years. He said everyone has a role to play and we need to be the change

Maybe two or three or four or five will over the hundreds of years that the single use plastic will remain in the ecosystem. Or maybe the story will have a happy ending like today. Saved by a drone. Please #bethechange Start with self. Family. Community. Be a leader. Or what we have seen in the video will become more and more common.

Winston Cowie

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