"What Does AED26 MILLION Get You In Dubai?" This HUGE Jumeirah Estates Mansion

A Dubai mansion doesn’t get much better than this!

A YouTube video takes us behind closed doors and on a tour of a mega-mansion in Dubai. Featuring six rooms, a pool, a cinema, a garage for not one, not two, but SIX cars, TWO kitchens… Not only is this place huge, but it’s incredibly sleek too.

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The Dubai mansion is super modern, located in Jumeriah Golf Estates, it’s 12,500 sq ft of prime real estate, and it’ll set you back AED26 million

“It is so big” the camera doesn’t do it justice. Scroll for video.

WATCH: A Dubai mansion complete all floor-to-ceiling windows, a humungous living room area, extra maid and driver’s rooms and an elevator to help you move around – oh to live the good life!

One YouTuber comment called out the space between the houses – You can’t please everyone

YouTube Ben Morris has been documenting an incredible luxe Dubai life, check out his tour of the Burj Al Arab in COVID times

Watch is here

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