8 Videos Of Dubai Rain Which Sum Up The Craziness Of The Last Two Days


All of last week, the National Centre of Meteorology sent out warnings about the weather to come.

And although it rains in Dubai regularly during winter (thank you cloud-seeding!) this weekend saw unprecedented levels of (all natural) rain lash many parts of the country.

Unsure if it’s safe to drive? Stay up to date with weather reports via Dubai Police, Dubai Media Office, or National Centre for Meteorology.

8. When it rains, it pours

7. And yes, it hails too!

6. Passengers at DXB who waited overnight were given free food by McDonald’s

5. Kris Fade turned his garden into a legendary waterpark

4. Views from the road

3. Authorities are working tirelessly to clear debris from the roads


2. When it rains in Abu Dhabi, people don’t stay home

1. Don’t try this at home

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