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"There Are No Good Men In Dubai" A Kris Fade Show Convo Divides Opinion

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“There Are No Good Men In Dubai” A Kris Fade Show Convo Divides Opinion

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A Kris Fade Show chat about the lack of good men in Dubai is dividing opinion.

In a Kris Fade Show after-hours segment, the team discusses finding love in Dubai in which Nala shares her experience, claiming, “there are no good men in Dubai”.

She says the guys she meets are snobby, or showoffs, and that she finds it difficult to meet men who are ambitious. She says that unless she has an instant connection, she doesn’t pursue the relationship – and she’s not alone.

Rossi adds that his wife has single friends who LEFT the country because they found it impossible to meet someone – The struggle is real!

Host Kris Fade offers another viewpoint, he says the same can be said for women in Dubai and that potentially people’s expectations are too high and they we judge too quickly.

Is it easy to find love in Dubai? The jury’s out on this one

“I have single friends on the hunt who just can’t connect with people”

Yes, Dubai provides us incredible opportunities and lifestyle, BUT if you can’t meet the one – would you stay?

The people are divided, some share their happy Dubai love stories while others their worst dating stories

amfofiefonfek, was stood up because her date fell asleep. “To be honest Dubai is the capital of Tinder fakes. You are lucky if the guy isn’t already married or already in a relationship. Not to mention the guy you are supposed to be going on a date with that stands you up because he fell asleep”
Nala has heaps of supporters, ‘madonnacida says, “I completely agree with Nala 👏and it feels so good to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way …the struggle is real. Across online dating apps, coffee shops, supermarkets, bars and clubs tried it all and it’s like Nala said pretentious men everywhere…and sometimes they are even married or engaged and looking for fun on the side. What I guess hasn’t also been mentioned here are the men who ‘pretend’ to be interested after a date or so and then all of a sudden just ghost you….
Where do we go to find the good ones?”

It’s not all bad – some people have positive experiences and even offered some dating tips!

zhenlucky jumped in with a good news story! “Nala, you probably are looking for or hanging out at the wrong crowd. Go to fun places where good people would be hanging out.. parks, malls, Rec centers, church.. think of a happy and good place, that’s where you will find your man! My wife and I met at a church here!”
And another happy story! ynnettesacchett says, “I found my husband in Dubai at the age of 43 … both of us previously divorced and we each have 2 girls so 4 in total … He is the best man I ever met ❤️ He is the best thing that has happened to me” – Nahhhhh there ARE good stories out there!

The takeaway? Every love story is different. Don’t be quick to judge and your lobster might be right around the corner!


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