People Are Covering The Walls At The Ukraine Pavilion With Words Of Support

Ukraine Pavilion 2

The Ukraine Pavilion, which aims to empower visitors to live, think and feel smart is seeing an increased number of visitors in the final weeks of Expo.

The Pavilion, which is divided into three zones ‘smart life, smart thinking and smart feeling’ now has walls devoted to post-it notes, where people come and express support for the country as the conflict continues.

The follows the UAE voting in favour of a peaceful resolution, ‘”We voted for this resolution, and we join the Member States in appealing to peace. A just peace that endures by recognising all parties’ legitimate concerns and abides by the UN Charter’s principles of independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.”

Main images: Twitter (Visegrad24) and TikTok (link below)

People are expressing words of solidarity at the Ukraine Pavilion

@zia_ul_mustafa_349 Stop the war #ukrain #stopthewar #zia_ul_mustafa_349 #expo2020dubai ♬ original sound – rapidsongs

Words like ‘stay strong’ ‘go Ukraine’ and ‘Ukraine forever’ can be seen plastered on the walls

The words of solidarity come as tensions remain high in Ukraine, with the UN reporting 1.5 million people have now fled the country in search of safety

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The UAE has appealed for peace between Russia and Ukraine

At the emergency special session, Lana Nusseibeh, Assistant Minister for Political Affairs and UAE Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN, said that the country votes in favour as a means to appeal to peace. Ambassador Nusseibeh also stated the UAE’s deep concerns over the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and reminded the international community of their responsibility towards preventing the further deterioration of the situation. 


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