It’s Chillier Than Usual In The UAE These Days And The Weather Will Continue


The UAE weather has been colder than usual and is expected to continue.

You’ve seen the cloudy weather, yesterday we saw a bit of light rain in Dubai, and the authorities over at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) say that this is expected to continue in the UAE.

Yes, hold on to those jackets tight, because you may have to keep wearing it; since cloudy to partly cloudy skies will continue, with some winds being strong at times, especially over the sea.

Yep, this cloudy weather is expected to continue


Winds will become strong (at times), that could cause rising dust during daytime


It’s been frrreeezing lately, with the lowest temp recorded at 1.4 °C in Jais Mountain at 6:45 am

Layer up, people!

Temperates across the UAE will either go between 10°C to 20°C along the coast, 7°C to 21°C inland and 1°C to 10°C in the mountains.


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