Almost There: 5 Fab Things That Are A Must-Try For This Weekend


The holidays seem like they were a lifetime away at this point, we get it.

Work is taking its toll again and all you are looking forward to is the weekend to make it all go away. Worry not, there are a lot of really exciting things going on this weekend that will entertain just about anyone.

Here are 5 things that should keep you busy during the weekend


5. Lovin Dubai Cruise

Good food, decent tunes, sea breezes and stunning views -what else can one want?

The Lovin Dubai Cruise is on every Saturday from 1-5pm and is the ultimate way to spend your afternoon.

With plenty of food and drink, plus three floors of fun, a pool, nightclub and stunning views of the Dubai shoreline, this is the IDEAL weather to get involved.

4. The Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shoppign Festival (DSF) is ongoing (as we all know) and some really fantabalous discounts and deals are currently ongoing.

Mall of the Emirates has got some really exciting offers, performances and other kind of events going on that are very much worth a trip to the mall this weekend.

Check for a full list of the bargains on sale, all throughout the DSF period, there are SO MANY to choose from.

Plus, they got a lot of activations and activities up – and there is something for EVERYONE.

Click here for everything you need to know

3. Traiteur Brunch, Park Hyatt Dubai

The award-winning Traiteur brunch at The Promenade is sort of an unforgettable Friday brunch experience.

Not only do they have RAD live music and an open kitchen concept and that lets you feast your eyes on the live lobster cooking stations and meat rotisseries, they also got unlimited servings of lobster, shrimp and salmon.

Friday, 1PM till 4 30PM at The Promenade, Park Hyatt Dubai.

Prices from AED 495.


This pop-up in JBR has a speed painter, a caricature artist, live music, and a lot of other things that you do not want to miss out on.

Entertainment starts at 6PM Thursday and 4PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Plus, it’s free to attend.

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1. The Lagoon at Park Hyatt Dubai

If you want to get away from it all and just relax beachside, the Lagoon at Park Hyatt is where you should be heading to for the weekend.

Think glistening waters, pristine sands and picturesque views.

Opening Times: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Day rates starting from AED 360.

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