An Important Change To The Women And Children Metro Cabins Has Just Been Announced


Dubai is one of the safest places for females and children and the city puts in an ongoing effort to ensure the maximum level of comfort and safety for women and children in the City of Gold.

With this in mind, RTA has announced that they will be upgrading the women and children’s cabin by relocating the compartments to the other end of the train, away from the gold class compartment. This is to provide further space and privacy to women and kids.

So basically on one end of the train will be the gold class carriage and on the other end will be the pink carriages for ladies and the young metro riders whereas the middle compartments will remain the same for the silver class metro travelers.

This change will happen by the end of August 2019


This announcement was made by the RTA on June 26

Dubai’s EXPO2020 metro transformation

Metro upgrades will come into effect by the end of this year to ensure that getting around DXB becomes as smooth as possible for residents and visitors.

RTA has employed 50 new trains 15 of which have been deployed to serve the Expo 2020 site and the remaining 35 trains are for regular metro use.

From a capacity of 643 riders to 696 riders, the RTA has announced that intake of the Dubai Metros will increase by 8% in the deployment of metros.

Honestly at this point passengers are ready for any adjustments to be able to survive RUSH HOUR in Dubai.

The metro is getting a 15km expansion and will eventually connect the Red Line to the Expo 2020 site

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The upgrades that the passengers will get to experience

  • Female and children cabins to one side and gold to the other
  • Modified design of the luggage compartment
  • LED power-saving lighting system
  • Change of design to make it easier for the standing passengers
  • Seat modifications and distributions
  • Customised carriages for people of determination
  • The on-screen digital display systems

Exteriors of the metro have been reported to be staying the same so that the identity of the Dubai Metro remains intact.

Also, passengers will be informed of all major changes made to the metro with the help of the awareness raised on social media platforms and with the additional assistance of the RTA staff whilst commuting.

The city’s commendable efforts that seek to cater to the security of women and kids is why Dubai is truly HOME away from home for thousands of expats!

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