The Red Sea Film Festival Is Still Accepting Entries!


The first edition of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Film Festival has been delayed and this means the organizers are still inviting movie submissions for the event’s launch later this year.

The festival is going to take place in Jeddah’s historic downtown Al-Balad area – a UNESCO World Heritage Site from November 11 to 20

The first edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival, titled “Metamorphosis,” will bring together local filmmakers, movie enthusiasts, and international industry leaders.

Entrants will be able to participate in competition, shorts competition, new Saudi/new cinema, and tajreeb categories alongside seven curated sections namely international spectacular, Arab spectacular, festival favorites, immersive future, treasures, next generation, and episodic.

The new Saudi/new cinema category will focus on new filmmakers and artists from the Kingdom releasing arthouse features, shorts, and documentaries primed for launch on the international circuit.

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Cinemas in Saudi Arabia have become a norm in many parts of the Kingdom but there are still cities that are yet to have their first cinema.

The Qassim region is going to have its first cinema open really soon

Muvi will open the first cinema in Buraidah with six cinematic screens and will be one of the largest screens in Qassim.

Currently, the main cinemas are in Jeddah, Riyadh, and the Eastern Provinces.

The announcement to open this cinema in Buraidah was made recently

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