Parking Fines Increased By 900%!


Lahore is such a busy business center. People are always on the move, putting a significant load on road traffic. This in turn puts more pressure on the traffic police and they have absolutely taken the right measures to ensure compliance with traffic rules. Get ready for some heft fines!

In such a happening city, the load on the roads puts a massive burden on people’s minds as well. That increases the risk of road accidents.

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Y’all get angry on these roads! Specially with these fines!

This is the exact reason why the traffic police have taken countermeasures. According to details, the Lahore city police have hiked the wrong parking fine from Rs200 to Rs2,000, an increase of 900 percent.

Y’all better watch out where you park!

Parking is a big issue in Lahore. Buildings spring up in every corner of the city without taking into consideration of parking spaces. This forces people to park all over town. Thus a lot of illegal parking takes place. But this doesn’t mean that a person can park wherever they want to right?

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Unless you got parking skills like this!

Regardless of anything. Let’s get serious. Everyone needs to act sane on the road. Every person goes through things, but there is no reason for anyone to act like a baboon on the road, right?

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Looks cute though!

Beware of these fines now. Don’t go arguing with the traffic wardens because of something wrong that you’ve done. The amount is enormous and anyone might think twice before paying it. But you know what the solution is? PARK YOUR CARS RIGHT!

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