There are floods in Pakistan, And Everyone Is Doing All They Can


Pakistan has been having one of the worst monsoon seasons in its history. This has led to floods that have drenched majority of the country and are wreaking havoc across the land.

Pakistan is no stranger to flooding season. Every year some flooding occurs in some parts of the country, but this year it was different. Some provinces experienced rainfall five times the yearly average over the last 30 years!

This is VERY scary

Massive flooding across the northern areas has resulted in tourists being stranded. Every year during summers thousands of Pakistanis travel towards the north to experience the beauty of nature with the most incredible mountain ranges in the world. As the floods came, many bridges were torn down by the force of rivers and transportation has been almost impossible in those areas.

Floods have been wreaking havoc in Sindh as well as the north, and the images are absolutely ghastly.

People are stuck, but the locals are doing all they can

Tourists would have no place to go and can’t overstay their stay indefinitely. Not everyone is strapped with so much cash and some have literally no place to go. Locals have stepped in to support and ease these hardships. People have opened up their homes to tourists and some hotels are providing free accommodation and meals.

That is SO SWEET!

The locals of Gilgit & Baltistan have always been very kind and their hospitality is known throughout the region. In this time of need, they have stepped up again as always and are doing all they can to facilitate the tourists who are stranded there.

The country really is coming together to help all the flood victims. The armed forces, which include the army, navy, and airforce have all been deployed to help the flood victims in rescue missions and rehabilitation. All these efforts are still less when you compare the magnitude of the flooding, but Pakistanis are doing all they can in relief efforts.

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