8 Must-Have Travel Apps That You Need While Travelling In Saudi


Saudi Arabia is slowly opening to foreign tourists and the hidden beauty of Saudi Arabia will finally be presented to the world to see. 

At times traveling in unfamiliar surroundings can’t be easy but luckily there are many apps out there to help you with your travels.

Here are our picks that will help you make most of your stay in the kingdom.


The offline GPS navigation system is quite good for traveling as it provides real-time traffic info even when you are not connected to the internet. But above that, we have included it in this list as many a times tourists may have to go off the beaten track in areas where mobile networks are not reachable so having a good offline map is a must-have; especially on those desert camping trips.

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On long road trips this can be a lifesaver if any case you face a breakdown. Morni provides a good amount of roadside services like towing, flat tire repair and even fuel delivery. 


If god-forbid you meet with an accident, then this app is the easiest way that you can report it. It allows the user to take photos of the accident and getting an investigator to the exact location so that you can proceed on with those car insurance claims.


Talabat allows you to get food delivered from any of the listed restaurants right to your hotel room or anywhere else for that matter as long as you are within the cities that they cover.  They also have pretty awesome deals from time to time.

Islamic GPS

Being the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is home to many Islamic sites. With this augmented reality app just turn on the location on your phone when you visit an Islamic site and prepare yourself to witness Islamic heritage unfold right before you.


Being aware of prayer timings is a must even for non-Muslims as everything comes to a standstill during prayers in Saudi Arabia. For Muslims, apart from prayer timings it can help in locating the direction of the Qibla.


Wego is one of the best travel apps in Saudi. It primarily helps you with airline tickets and hotels. It is due to its combination of the two that we have listed it on our must-have travel app lists.


In Saudi Arabia, this app is most useful when searching for places to dine in. Foursquare is quite popular in Saudi and contains a lot of reviews especially of restaurants. 

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