Riyadh Residents Awaken To Serene Rainfall Across The City

Hera Shabbir

One of the things that everyone was hoping for this holy month of Ramadan, was rain! The people of Riyadh got to wake up to the clouds skies and streets full of rain as the weather brought along a cool breeze.

People shared videos of the gorgeous downpour all over social media!

From the busy morning traffic, people got to enjoy sprinkles of goodness on their drive over to work this morning and everyone loved it! The rain lasted quite a few hours, as people got excited for the cool breezes making a comeback in the capital for Ramadan. Considering how majority of the residents are fasting, the rainfall was definitely the perfect monsoon start they needed for the day! 🌧️

The Kingdom’s Civil Defense however warned residents to remain careful outdoors

The downpour is expected to carry on until this Wednesday, March 20. The National Center of Meteorology also made sure to send a cautionary text message to all residents in the Kingdom to remember safety measures during the heavy rainfall across areas of Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Taif, and many other cities.


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