The Entire Gulf Is Celebrating Alongside Saudi Arabia For National Day And It’s Beautiful


We take National Day Celebrations with high regard in the GCC. It is, after all, a day for the people to come together and evoke a spirit of unity. Saudi Arabia is no exception to this predicament, but what might surprise you, is how the rest of the GCC celebrates- like it’s their own. 

Nothing truer than the ‘brotherhood’ and tight-knit support of all GCC countries, in bad and good moments. 

Check out the ways the rest of the Gulf is celebrating Saudi’s National Day today:


Our neighbouring country, often a great place to watch the latest movies or simply try out their version of a machboos- is doing the most to welcome Saudis for today’s National Day. 

For starters, the country’s go-to mall Bahrain City Centre, has offers on shopping even a day after National Day! The mall will also feature the Saudi traditional dance show in the central galleria, with prizes to win from shopping vouchers to kiddie entertainment tickets. 

Apart from this, The National Day greetings are in billboards all over the tiny island. And surely, there might be a maseera (street parades) by the Saudi and Bahraini locals who visited from Al Khobar around Juffair or Exhibition Road areas (as witnessed from previous years).

How adorable.

Information Affairs Minister, Ali bin Mohammed al Romaihi, says Bahrain is filled with gratitude towards Saudi Arabia 

The country extends its greetings to the people of Saudi Arabia.

The United Arab Emirates showed probably the most love towards the Kingdom, even creating a trending hashtag #Together_Forever 

The hashtag, started by UAE residents, sparked a lot of unity amongst the UAE and Saudi Arabia- showing their strong bond and support for one another. Amongst many things.

Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Khalifa wishes King Salman great health and a Happy National Day

According to WAM, Abu Dhabi’s ruler also wished the people of Saudi Arabia prosperity and progress from this year and the future.  

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UAE’s telecom providers Etisalat and DU even joined in on the celebrations by sending out messages that read “UAE and KSA Together Forever” that will run through the weekend

Dubai’s Ruler and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, sent out a tweet to commemorate the 87th National Day of Saudi

The Dubai Airports even greeted passengers arriving from Saudi with warm welcomes, flowers and all things green

Wait, it doesn’t stop there

One of UAE’s leading airlines, Etihad Airways, released this magnificent video greeting.

Even the Burj Khalifa lit up in green and the flag

Celebrate in the UAE tonight (if you’re there, that is)

  • Dubai Creek- 8:30pm – Fireworks Display

In Kuwait, Souq Al-Mubarakeya market was decorated and the well-known Kuwait Towers lit with the flag of Saudi

Happy National Day to everybody in Saudi Arabia!


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