Five Of The Best Beaches To Hit Up In Saudi Before The Weather Gets Too Hot


From the deserts to the mountains, Saudi Arabia offers so many great outdoor options for you to choose from.

But Saudi’s beach game is probably the best as the country has some of the region’s most beautiful sandy spots. 

Here’s your guide on 5 beaches to check out around Saudi 

1. Al Fanateer Beach, Al Jubail

The beach at Al Jubail is just the perfect place to visit during the day or gather with your friends at night. 

It’s perfect for those looking to exercise on the jogging track or those who want to have a little bbq session. 

You can even fish at this location! 

2. Half moon beach, Al Khobar

Open till late at night, this beach is perfect if you want to engage in activities like sand biking and water boat rides. 

You might want to bring your own snacks, as beaches get really crowded during the weekends and restaurants around the area might not be accessible. 

And there’s a resort nearby if you’re up to dine with great views!

3. Yanbu Bahar beach, Yanbu

Located by the Red sea, this beach is very tranquil all year long. 

It has picnic areas, places to take long strolls, playground spots for kids to have fun at while you enjoy the gorgeous sunset views. 

4. Silver sands beach, Jeddah

This private beach is great for those looking to head to a resort and enjoy the scenic views. 

You’ll find loads of sun beds and lots of water sports available to use on site, so don’t worry about bringing your own water games. 

5. Uqair beach, Al Hofuf

This secluded beach has such clear waters that you can actually spot some fish swimming in the water. 

Swimming isn’t always allowed but it is a really good option if you like to picnic and enjoy the breathtaking beach views. 

Perfect for morning activities or late night walks, these beaches don’t disappoint when it comes to view goals! 

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