10 Saudi Foodie Accounts That Will ABSOLUTELY Make Your Mouth Water


Who doesn’t love a bit of Instagram? It’s the perfect time-killer, scrolling through endless pictures of food, cats in hats, cute puppies and well, even more food.

Yep, we love looking at the food pics. And, we’re not picky: breakfast food, chocolate food, healthy food…we just want to stare at it all day and dream about smashing our faces into it.

So, let us share the food love in an attempt to help the hours until dinner move a little quicker. We’ve rounded up some of the best Saudi-based food accounts on Instagram. All you need to do is follow them and get scrolling… and salivating.

1. Saudi Food Eman @saudifoodeman

It’s probably worth noting that Eman’s account will always come first in any foodie list we’ll ever write. She’s a Saudi mom who posts the best of Saudi’s traditional dishes, and the best part is she teaches us how to cook them too.

If you’re ever craving some lunch-time inspo and don’t know what type of local flairs to go for, then her account will defo be your next go-to.

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‎ ????اش الوصفة ‏ هذي? خمنو! ‏المقادير والفيديو في البوست الجي ???????? Wats this recipe? Guess! The ingredients & video in the next posts! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . Snapchat: saudifoodeman Follow ‏تابعوا: @saudifoodeman ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ‎‏. ‎#saudifood #طبخاتي #طبخات #وصفاتي #saudi #طبخ_منزلي #طبخي #اكل_شعبي #شعبيات #وصفة #اكل #لذيذ #اكلات_شعبية #اكلاتي #طبخات_سهله #شعبيه #وصفات #طبخ_بيت #طبخ #اكل_سعودي #sauditecipes #وصفات_طبخ #رز #رز_بخاري ‏#طبخ_سعودي #اكلات_لذيذه #بحري #بخاري #rice #carbs

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2. One Hungry Mallu @onehungrymallu

Riyadh-based foodie, Pooja Nair, is the account that will not only give you an insight into all the types of food you’re probably missing out on, from low to high-end.

Not to mention, she even goes around other parts of the Kingdom and shares the foodie gems she finds in Khobar, Jeddah and even whenever she travels to Bahrain.

If you’re unsure where to go for Indian cuisine, Ms. Pooja’s account will most defo guide you in finding the best ones in town.

3. The Foodies @thefoodies.sa

The guys over at The Foodies instagram page are doing such a great job at informing residents around the Kingdom about the food offers that are around.

Not to mention, they show a variety of foodie options around Saudi that’ll probably ease your indecisiveness.

4. The Pink Tarha

The Pink Tarha is a lifestyle page in Riyadh that has emphasis on showing restaurants in and out of Riyadh. Their reviews are honest, straight-to-the-point and can either tell you to visit a restaurant or not.

They’re like the elder sisters you wish you had around you in times of foodie crisis.

A definite must-follow!

5. Hisham Baeshaen @misho_baeshen

Hisham is that foodie guy that’s been sent from up above. Not only are his posts centralised to the local taste (he’s from Saudi) but he cooks and vlogs as well.

His Instagram account is like an entertaining melting pot of colors due to the wide-ranging dishes and deserts he makes.

It’s no wonder the guy has more than 700,000 followers!

6. Jeddah Foodie @jeddah_foodie

Jeddah Foodie gives you a run-through of each dish that’s tried out in each resto spot visited.

Although the content is mostly written in Arabic, you can still pretty much scroll through the account and get a feel of the new hot spots in Jeddah.

7. Moe Inani @moe_inani

Inani is a baker, sous chef at several Michelin star restos who’s always whipping up steaks and baking the YUMMIEST of food.

The Jeddah-based foodie will surprise you with his sushi-making skills and will have you wanting more posts by the day!

8. Foodies In Saudi @foodiesinsaudi

Being a relatively new page to hit the Instagram foodie sphere, Foodies In Saudi has been doing a great job in terms of content. The page dedicates its reviews and munch posts that are based in between Riyadh and Dubai (& occasionally Bahrain too).

Their posts are aesthetic in the most minimalistic sense and gives a great insight into the feel and vibes of the dishes.

9. Yasalam Cooking @yasalamcooking

This American foodie in Saudi will give you an insight into her reviews from restaurants that invite her around Riyadh.

She has taught herself to cook Saudi cuisines since 2006 and has learned a lot about the Khaleeji flavours, to make it herself.

10. Bakery M @bakerym

We’re so grateful for pastry chef Mariam Al Haddad’s great work. They’re intricate and fine in detail, design and make us salivate to try her baking. Lucky for us, they’re available for orders via her official IG page.

You’re not gonna want to miss out on this one.


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