Top 15 Of The Best Restos To Satiate Your Seafood Cravings In Saudi


Seafood lovers, get ready to try out (if you haven’t already) Saudi’s best places to get your hands on the most deliciously cooked fish, shrimps and more!

15. Twina Park & Restaurant, Jeddah

You have to try their bechamel shrimps complete with Tajin, and then come back here to thank us. There are VIP rooms that are available for reservations beforehand, good option for families looking to indulge on the weekends. Or any other day really.

For more information, contact +966 9200 28284

14. Al Banoosh, Khobar

This place gets filled up quite a lot but who can blame it?

Budget-friendly seafood and great dishes like their calamari and shrimp with anatomy sauce will keep you coming back for more.

Note that it’s for singles-only at the moment but families can still get some for takeaway.

For more information, contact +966 13 894 8377

13. Shrimp Anatomy, Jeddah

Jeddawis swear by their boiled shrimps and the different sauces you can try it with!

For more information, contact +966 50 296 2189

12. Sultana Fish, Jeddah

Tip: Try the naged fried fish.

11. Al Sayyad Al Bahry Seafood, Dammam

Local, traditional and OH-SO-GOOD! It’s old-school-Saudi in the best dining setting possible, with a wide range of menu dishes that’s going to leave you satisfied.

It’s open until midnight too.

For more information, contact +966 13 832 0001

10. Shrimplus, Riyadh

Must-try: dynamite shrimps.

For more information, please contact +966 55 226 2651

9. SAMAKIAT, Riyadh

Affordable seafood soup, hammour and salmon fillet dishes that’ll surprise you.

For more information, please contact +966 11 419 3009

8. Al Murjan, Jeddah

Grilled prawn, fried calamari and fried shour fish are just one of the many reasons to check this GEM out in Jeddah.

Located in Dhahban.

7. Ocean Basket, (Red Sea Mall), Jeddah

Available at the Mall of Arabia and Red Sea Mall is this international franchise that people need to try out at LEAST once. The portions tend to come in very large, so consider that next time you’re ordering for the entire fam.

6. Soul Kitchen, Khobar

Must-try: crunchy maki and the special soul roll

For more information, please contact +966 13 331 4441

5. Asmak Pashan, Al-Balad

Fresh, traditional seafood at its finest. Every local’s choice.

Location: Here.

4. Blue Ocean, Jeddah

A Miami style, beachside restaurant- perfect spot to have seafood. Not to mention their great sushi options, like

3. Shrimp Shack, Riyadh

How ’bout some crabs in a bucket? Or their delicious combo of fries and shrimps that are a best-seller.

2. Al Mutaqa, Jeddah

Keep this place in mind during the next Ramadan, they’re known for their Iftar buffets.

For more information, please contact +966 12 692 7717

1. 3Aish W Samak (Rice & Fish), Al Qatif

Sushi, salmon in banana leaf and even a crispy fish burger means this seafood spot has all the seafood alternative that your heart desires.

For more information, please contact +966 13 863 0044

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