UAE Sheikh Gives A Drowning & Disabled Turtle A New Lease Of Life


It’s truly heartbreaking what animals have to endure as a result of human activities. But luckily there are a few good ones that venture out to correct the mistakes of those who just do NOT seem to care.

Recently, Sheikh Fahim Al Qasimi took to his Twitter to share the story of Farah, a 20-year-old sea turtle that got trapped by a fishing wire and ended up losing her leg while struggling to break free.

The drowning (yes! ‘drowning’) turtle was luckily found and rescued by the Sharjah royal who was on a free-diving trip in Sir Bu Nuair! (BTW, turtles can hold their breath for several hours, but eventually, drown if they are trapped underwater).

7-metres down, the turtle was found in a dire condition where her neck and flipper were attached to the seabed, trapping her below the surface. By cutting away the restrains, Fahim not only rescued the injured turtle but provided her with immediate medical attention to aid in her recovery.

She was taken to the Sharjah Aquarium to undergo rehabilitation and was later transferred to the Turtle Rehabilitation Sanctuary at the Burj Al Arab

The DTRP then conducted surgery on Farah and put her on antibiotics for the duration of her treatment to help her with her wounds

If you happen to come across a sick, injured or abandoned turtle, PLEASE call the Burj Al Arab Aquarium team on +97143017198.

Farah slowly but surely started showing signs of recovery as she began to get her appetite back

Fahim further reminded all to not try feeding lost or sick turtles, and instead to call experts at DTRP/Environment and Protected Areas Authority or the National Aquarium to help care of them.

If you ever save a turtle, please don’t try and remove the barnacles, you’ll do more harm to the turtle.

Another word of caution by Fahim.

Please, dispose of your trash responsibly! This isn’t a one-off incident, marine animals, camels, stray animals and birds frequently end up suffocating and dying as a result of plastic consumption.

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