You Can Expect Flying Taxis In The UAE By 2026 The Latest!

Mayar Ibrahim

The founder of Fly Archer, Adam Goldstein revealed in an interview that flying taxis could be soaring over Abu Dhabi and Dubai as early as next year and as late as 2026! This collaboration will revolutionize travel, significantly reducing travel time between Abu Dhabi and Dubai to as little as 30 minutes.

During the UAE’s premier capital event, Investopia, Adam revealed his bold prediction of flying taxis coming to the nation by 2025/2026

An interviewer asked Adam “By 2030, how many eeVTOLs will be above our heads?” The founder responded with:

“How about a bolder prediction? As early as 2025 and as late as 2026, you will see eVTOLs, flying cars, taking you from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.”

Archer promises that these eVOTLs are a safe, sustainable, and time-efficient alternative for all travellers

The UAE strategically places the vertiport landing stations at Abu Dhabi Marina Mall and Atlantis The Palm resort. Also, the initiative aligns with the UAE’s commitment to sustainability and their dedication to the future of transport!

Moreover, Adam Goldstein stated:

“Dubai and Abu Dhabi have taken a globally leading position in bringing the world’s most advanced technologies to their cities first, and I’m thrilled to be working with many partners across the region to bring Archer there soon.”

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