Omar And His Family Are The Perfect Example Of Fulfilling The ‘Dubai Dream’


We grew up hearing about ‘the American dream’ – the dream that meant anyone from anywhere could move to the United States and ‘make it’.

Dubbed as the country of equal opportunities where your highest goals could be achieved… but actually without labelling it, so many living right here in Dubai will admit we’ve been afforded the same (if not more) opportunities.

A truly tolerant society, and while other countries stagnate with over issues of politics and race, Dubai welcomes all and all are given the opportunity to thrive.

Meet Omar Farooq.

Omar’s Dad moved to Dubai from Pakistan and worked as a labourer earning between AED35 and AED40 a day. Skip forward one generation and Omar and his three siblings are all well-educated, working professionals.

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While this story is inspiring, it’s also similar to many

Omar came to the Lovin Dubai office where we interviewed him for the second episode of Season 2: Blessed in Dubai. And while his story stands out, it’s also surprisingly similar to so many who have found opportunity and good fortune here in Dubai.

Omar’s dad is his inspiration; he describes how his father worked double shifts to put his kids through good schools, and how his dad can now stand at the foot of buildings he helped build, while Omar and his siblings work within.

From praying for rain days (rain days meant the family splurged on the AED2 taxi to get to and from school), to graduating and entering the banking industry, Oman’s current job has also afforded him the luxury to pursue his passion in magic, and Omar is now a well-known magician on the Dubai

This is his story…

You might already recognise Omar, from a this viral clip he shot with the ‘Pakistani Mr. Bean’

Omar was featured in Blessed in Dubai 2019 – Episode 2, a Ramadan web-series created to share the stories of why people feel Blessed to be here.

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