This Dubai Man Went From A AED1,150 Salary To Funding His Own Charity In Nepal


Blessed in Dubai is an on-going Ramadan series where Lovin Dubai speaks with Dubai residents who feel truly Blessed to be here.

Episode three features Manoj Marahatta, and his story is stand out. Soon you’ll hear about the hardships of the daily struggles he faced when he first moved to Dubai that he eventually overcame to get to where he is today, but what makes this story special? The fact that the moment Manoj had the opportunity, he turned his efforts to helping those less fortunate than him. What a hero.

Manoj has a positive attitude we could all learn from

“Son, come back home”

Coming to Dubai, it was his first time on an international flight. He started on an AED1,150 salary and worked past AED10k, AED11k, AED12k to a point where he’s now comfortable to give back.

He worked 16-18 hours a day, and in his first three months there were no ‘off days’. His mum was in touch telling him to come home, he had land at home and the work in Dubai was tough, but the only thing that kept him going was a positive attitude… he knew if he kept going, something good would come.

And it did. When he was financially able, Marahatta created the “Action For Nepal” and started by putting 30 Nepalese children on a meal programme before reaching out to friends in the States and Canada to support the cause. This video details his amazing journey.

Words to live by…

“If I’m receiving, why not give back to society”

Manoj Marahatta

Omar was filmed for ‘Blessed in Dubai 2019’ – Episode 3, a Ramadan web-series created to share the stories of why people feel Blessed to be here.

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