A Blind YouTuber Visited Dubai And Loved How Accessible It Is

Farah Makhlouf

The UAE is paving the way in accessibility. Buildings are equipped with ramps, elevators and diable-friendly bathroom stalls. Many public places offer wheelchairs and have dedicated parking spots reserved for People Of Determination. Even Dubai beaches are accessible with walkways on the sand and floating wheelchairs.

Dubai is always a step ahead, thinking of the needs of People Of Determination.

Molly Burke, a blind YouTuber from Canada visited Dubai and she was mind-blown by the accessibility features

@mollyburkeofficial Why don’t all malls offer the same service that the Dubai Mall does? It would be SO helpful for so many people! Or maybe they do and I just never knew? LOL #Dubai #TravelTikTok #DubaiMall ♬ original sound – Molly Burke

She visited Dubai Mall and couldn’t take her guide dog, but she had her cane handy. She spotted the service where you can leave your shopping bags at a desk for safekeeping until you’re ready to go home. She said it’s such a useful service for someone with a disability. And while she was waiting, a staff member brought over a chair for her to sit on!

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@mollyburkeofficial I absolutely loved the accessibility at the beaches in Dubai! #Accessibility #Dubai #Beach ♬ original sound – Molly Burke

She also visited a beach in Dubai where she admired the pathway along the beach that is dedicated to People Of Determination.


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