A Dubai Influencer Got A Response By Authorities That There Are No ‘Rubbery Watermelons’ In The UAE

Farah Makhlouf

If you’ve been on the USA side of TikTok lately then you definitely came across videos upon videos of rubbery or faking fruits. Apparently, realistic-looking fruits are being sold in supermarkets across the States but if you cut into them, you’ll quickly realize they don’t feel real. They’re rubbery, sometimes waxy and they don’t rip and tear like normal fruits would. This strange occurrence has been taking the internet by storm.

A Dubai mum came across a very peculiar-looking watermelon and thought it may be one of those rubbery fruits that’s been making headlines


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Dubai Municipality came across the video and issued a statement:

“This phenomenon is not caused by genetic mutations in watermelons. Instead, it results from multiple cellular changes that occur when the fruits are harvested too long after ripening, which affects their texture. These changes do not compromise the product’s safety but can alter its taste, colour, and texture, making it rubbery. We assure you that this is a natural occurrence in various fruits like watermelons and bananas and does not impact consumer health, nor is it caused by genetic mutations.”

Mahsa happened to purchase a watermelon that was harvested too long after ripening and everything about it was off!

She wanted to make sure her family was not going to consume something unhealthy and that the city was free from genetically modified fruits and vegetables. The statement from the Dubai Municipality put people’s worries at ease, thanks to Mahsa spreading awareness. “I belong to a community of mothers who strive to choose the best for their children and family,” Mahsa told Lovin Dubai. “From the food that is consumed by them to their nappies, education and well-being, navigating the abundance of information available nowadays can indeed be overwhelming, especially when it comes to making choices that affect our kids. As mothers we discuss our struggles being first-time mums, our postpartum bodies, not passing on our generational trauma to our kids and everything in between, with the food we feed our children on top of our priorities,” she added.

“Now back to the watermelon; the part that was missed out by most people is the 3rd story on my page, which was me asking “If anyone has experienced this, please share some information with me.” Things got misinterpreted, as most people who are not on my page or community simply don’t know me or the full story, worst part is I’m being called another influencer who didn’t do her research, but that’s exactly what I was doing, seeking information and advice from a trusted circle of mothers who share a responsible approach, And better yet the Dubai Municipality addressed the issue as they always do and put all doubts to rest. But isn’t being a mother all about questioning things on behalf of our young children to be able to give them the best we can?”

Curiosity and questioning the things around you will get you the answers! Had Mahsa simply thrown away the pale pink watermelon and not taken her doubts to the internet, people wouldn’t have known that the rubbery fruits in the USA are not being sold in the UAE.

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