The UAE Shortens Friday Prayers As Weather Crosses 50°C

Dubai’s summer heat is no joke, so the UAE is shortening Friday prayers as the weather crosses 50°C. They’re keeping it short and sweet to keep everyone safe. Stay cool and take care!

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Starting tomorrow until October, sermons will be just 10 minutes…

With temperatures reaching past 50°C, UAE authorities have asked imams to limit Friday sermons to 10 minutes. This new rule kicks off on June 28 and lasts until October. The aim is to protect worshippers from the intense heat.

By making these adjustments, they aim to safeguard both physical health and spiritual well-being

The authority emphasized that facilitation and ease are fundamental principles in Islam, prioritizing the protection of life and health. This decision aligns with the UAE’s approach and wise leadership, which implements legislation and policies to ensure the well-being of its citizens.

The authority also reaffirmed its commitment to creating a comfortable environment for worshippers, enabling them to perform their prayers with spirituality and tranquility.

friday prayer

In other words…

On Fridays, it’s common to see large crowds of worshippers praying outside mosques in several parts of the country. With mosques filling up quickly, many have to pray outdoors. The 10-minute sermon cap will help protect them from the intense heat, aligning with Islamic practices to safeguard community health.

The UAE isn’t the only country implementing this rule; Saudi Arabia also introduced a similar policy last week. They’ve shortened Friday sermons and prayers at the Two Holy Mosques to 15 minutes for the duration of the summer.

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