Dubai Announces AED 30 Billion Investment In New Rain Drainage System


You asked, they listened.

Dubai is stepping up its rain game with a massive AED 30 billion investment in a new drainage system, gearing up to handle future downpours like a champ!

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An AED 30-billion rain drainage project is making it’s way to Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has approved the ambitious 30-billion dirham ‘Tasreef’ project. This initiative aims to enhance Dubai’s rainwater drainage network. It will fortify the city’s infrastructure against heavy rainfall and future climate challenges. That means that it’ll ensure a more resilient and sustainable urban environment for residents and visitors alike!

The announcement follows two months after heavy rains hit the country…

This project is set to boost rainwater drainage by 700%, making sure future floods get a friendly wave goodbye. From floods to fountains, Dubai’s surely got the infrastructure to handle it all with style and sustainability in mind.

Talk about planning ahead!

Dubai’s ambitious rain drainage project will span the entire city, soaking up more than 20 million cubic meters of water daily. Construction kicks off immediately, aiming to wrap up by 2033, and Sheikh Mohammed expects it to last a hundred years. Gotta love this Emirate!

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