Record Breaking! UAE Witnesses Highest Rainfall In 75 Years

Rain Record

UAE witnessed a historic downpour, with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all seven emirates getting drenched on Tuesday. Floods were rampant, marking the highest rainfall in 75 years. History was definitely made!

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It was one for the books…

The UAE just saw its heaviest rainfall in 75 years, starting from late Monday and lasting through Tuesday night. This downpour surpassed any recorded precipitation since data collection began in 1949. With widespread flooding and disruptions, everyone pitched in to ensure safety and minimize damages.

The meteorological department documented the greatest amount of rainfall ever seen in the Khatm Al Shakla locality of Al Ain, registering an impressive 254 mm within a mere 24-hour period.

Yesterday was quite eventful in Dubai!

Starting with thunder and lightning awakening us, followed by unexpected strong winds. Then, out of nowhere, dark clouds rolled in, giving the afternoon an eerie nighttime vibe. Just when we thought it was over, round two of the storm hit at 7 pm. It was definitely a marathon of a day for us Dubai residents.

Dubai Rain News Record

Oh, and let’s not forget the wild videos flooding social media…

From cars submerged for hours to furniture taking flight from balconies, and people busting out canoes or taking a swim in the streets. Even the malls got a good soaking!

When the going got tough, Dubai showed its true colors!

From authorities swooping in like superheroes to ensure everyone’s safety, to airports hitting pause on flights for our sake. And let’s give a shoutout to the community for playing tow truck and rescuing cars stuck in floodwaters. It’s like we’re all part of one big, wet and wild adventure, but hey, we’re in it together.


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