A Dubai Resident Parked In A Paid Parking Zone And Was Charged AED280 For 6 Hours

Farah Makhlouf

Imagine pulling up to a parking lot, scanning the fees board and internally agreeing you’ll be back in 6 hours. You mentally register you’ll be charged AED30 and so you go about your day. Now imagine going back 6 hours later and the parking meter shoots up a whopping AED280 fee!

Your heart’s bound to drop and you’ll wonder why and if it’s a mistake…

This happened to a Dubai resident who posted a photo series of the incident on his Instagram stories.

He parked his car in a private paid parking zone in a Dubai neighbourhood and was charged AED280 for 6 hours


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He said he parked at approximately 6pm and came back to collect his car just past midnight. Because he crossed 12am, the parking system considered that a full day; however, the fees board does not mention charges for ‘overnight’ parking.

He pushed the call button on the meter and spoke to the operator who gave him their call centre number. He called them the next morning and even sent emails and their response was that they’d escalate the issue to management.

After a couple of days, they responded saying their management is aware of the issue and are actively working to resolve it. They assured him they would also issue a refund

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