A Former Dubai Teacher-Turned-Blogger Showcased The Reality Of Teaching

Farah Makhlouf

Teaching is one of the most rewarding and equally tiring jobs there is. While every job has its perks, this one has quite a few snags. Coral Stevens had a 10-year career teaching in the UK and Dubai. She left her job a year and a half ago and became a full-time content creator and she’s killing it!

But she took her followers down memory lane, reflecting on her time as a teacher

@dxb_hun showcased the good, the bad and what she’ll miss most about teaching.


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The main thing she pointed out was that teachers are overworked and suffer burnout

“I really hope education makes some changes in the future so that teachers stop getting burn out, and so we look forward to coming to work everyday. I’m sure some teachers love it, some don’t mind it, and some really dislike it. It’s a personal preference to me.” She said the job came with a lot of micromanaging and paperwork.

Although she’s made some changes to see if the job still suited her, she realized it wasn’t improving. “I persisted, changed schools, moved countries, but unfortunately it just kept getting worse for me.”


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“I miss the children, colleagues and making a difference to future generations…”

The best part of the job is definitely teaching the children and making a difference. She loved and showed the sweet notes the students would make for her. But her life completely changed since becoming a content creator. Her content really speaks for itself!


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DXB Hun came on the Lovin Dubai show in October 2023 and spilled the tea on teaching and blogging

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